bodiology pilates...

Bodiology Pilates is a private Pilates studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and owned by Catherine Battocletti. The Pilates training that you receive at Bodiology is very specific to your needs, physical issues, goals, and more. Catherine designs very personal workouts using classic Pilates exercises performed on Pilates equipment.


What is Pilates and why is it good for you?

The method of exercise that is called Pilates is an instruction manual for your body.
There is an exercise for practically anything that ails you.
There is a progression of exercises to challenge you as you get stronger.

Strength… Do you have creaky knees? Pilates is for you!
Flexibility… Do you feel stiff and achy? Pilates is for you!
Endurance… Do you like to run, bike, ski, play golf? Pilates is for you!
Balance… Do you feel unsteady on your feet? Pilates is for you!
Core… Do you have a sore back? Pilates is for you!
Brain… Are you forgetful? Pilates is for you!
Coordination… Do you have trouble rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time?
Just checking to see if you made it this far, but yes, Pilates is for you!

By using Pilate’s specially designed and brilliantly engineered equipment, your body can operate smoothly and creak-free. Your body can function how it was meant to function.