…happens through effort. Achievement is a result of hard work. You have to commit to achieve. Effort, hard work, commitment, the holy trinity/ mirepoix of Bodiology…the recipe for success. We will both commit to your goals. With hard work and effort from both of us, you will reach those goals. You will achieve!


I just have to tell you I am completely impressed with Bodiology Pilates classes.  What Catherine knows and how she communicates it, makes the experience in class almost a pleasure, and my body thanks her for it. I know I needed to work on my core/back issues.  Her classes actually target those specific areas most of the time. I have learned a lot about how my body works and also to visualize how it should work. For me, it has been an education about my physical body as well as given me a healthier outlook on life.  

The classes are always challenging and I always feel like I have achieved my objectives after each session.  

Catherine’s knowledge of Pilates is extraordinary.  

Thank you so much,