Weekly Schedule - Reformer Classes

A Pilates Reformer Class is done on the main piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. It is used in hundreds of ways to “reform” the body. The machine itself assists the body against gravity and weakness, and a varied combination of springs help to strengthen the body. A large variety of exercises and variations on those exercises keep this workout interesting and ever challenging. The Reformer Classes are small allowing for very personal attention and corrections specific to each person in the class. Classes are 1 hour in length.

Reformer Class Pricing

Single class: $30
Package of 10 classes: $270
Package of 20 classes: $500

Note: There is a 6 month expiration date on all packages.

Reformer by the Month - Save 50%!

If you commit to attend 3X a week for a month, you pay $200 for the month – saving more than 50% per class!

"You and a Friend" Package - $45

Share a private session with a friend for only $45 per person!




Please be aware that the class schedule is subject to change and class sizes are limited. Contact Catherine to schedule participation in advance.

MONDAY: 7:30 am, 9:30 am

TUESDAY: 9 am, 11:00 am

WEDNESDAY: 7:30 am, 9:30 am

THURSDAY: 10 am, Noon

FRIDAY: 7:30 am, 9:30 am


Extra info...groupon special deal, March 2017

*For Groupon Special, classes can be added to accommodate schedules and demand. Please call for details!

*Two or more people needed to make up a class. If there are not enough people for a class that you have signed up for, you can pay for a private session with your class price + $20.00. A GREAT DEAL!!!!