Summer etiquette

So, it’s that time of year when we come crawling out of our temperature controlled houses and turn our faces to the sun, at least when the sun is out. Time to dust off the outdoor running shoes, tune up the trail bikes and head outside for our workouts. A summer breeze, the wind in our hair, and the boredom of a long winter in the gym melts away. So, it got me wondering…if we’re so well-versed about etiquette in the gym, why are we so rude when it comes to our collective outdoor gym?

My best friend Robbin loves to bike. She’s a casual biker and just wants to stay out of everybody’s way. But even she, with the patience of Job, gets very tired of all of the non-bikers on the bike path; runners, parents with double wide strollers, even just plain walkers. Okay, what is it in the words, bike path, that are confusing? The little figures on the bike path signs, on bikes, should give you a hint. Now I’m one of those bikers that like to go fast and furious. I stay out on the lake frontage road, not only to give casual bikers and little kids on trikes their space, but because I can’t stand all of the non-bikers on the bike path. If you’re not on wheels, go back to the walking path, please! We’ll all get along just fine.

I love a good run as well as a leisurely walk. But once on the walking path, the old tried and true adage, “stay to the right” seems to have no meaning. It works on the road, why not on the paths?  Walking side by side is so nice, but those who refuse to move an inch for someone walking in the opposite direction are just plain, well, not nice.  And believe me, it happens, a lot!

So, as we all get outside to enjoy our very short summer, please be aware of others around you. Rules were set up to make everything easier, so follow them and, like I said before, we’ll all get along just fine.

Have a great summer and see ya at the lake!