Sweaty Betti's Mission Statement

My 20 year experience as a Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor has revealed one not so well hidden truth: a large segment of the American population have left their bodies…literally! Oh, we still walk around in them, make them sit in a chair or on a couch for hours on end, even take them on a well deserved vacation every once in awhile, but we have no idea how our bodies work, or should work. We own and inhabit a very complex piece of equipment but have never looked at the manual. Our bodies are strong, resilient, forgiving, and fast-paced medical technology allows us to “easily” replace or repair our broken pieces. It’s a win-win, right? WRONG!

 Let’s take our bodies back! Let’s step back into our skin and re-explore one of the most amazing machines ever designed…ourselves.

Sweaty Betti’s mission is to lead people back into themselves in a fun, funny, simple, everyone-can-do-it kind of way. Scared of the gym with all of its looming equipment? Intimidated by those gym rats that “look” like they totally know what they’re doing? I’ll let you in on a secret…most of them are setting themselves up for a herniated disc or knee replacement. Do you feel like you just aren’t getting anything out of your workouts?

If you are of the female persuasion, are you afraid to step into that black hole known as the “free weight” area?  As a man, does your macho ego get in the way of correct, safe, aware lifting? You’re piling those 45lb plates onto the bench press bar even as we speak. And, by the way, unless the gym is your only form of socialization, did you know that an effective workout does not have to last two hours? Get in and get out of the gym!

Pay attention!!!! Not to me…well maybe just a little, but to your body! When you work out, try to be mindful of HOW you perform an exercise, including your cardio. Form+Function=Fitness. Know exactly what muscle group you should be working in an exercise. You wouldn’t believe how many people I ask: what is the Lat Pulldown machine for? The most common answer...uh, uh, arms? NO! The Lat Pulldown machine is for the Lats…those big, beautiful muscles in the back. If you don’t know what you should be working, you can’t be aware of whether the right muscles are working at all. Most of the time, we will work out using our stronger default muscles…the neck, the lower back, over worked hip flexors…

One more thing about Sweaty Betti…she is a stickler for etiquette. Whether you are in or out of the gym, common courtesy has become a lost art and if not restored, will turn our city streets, lake parkways, bike paths and running trails into a daily personal vendetta war zone. Look at the high rate of road rage. Let’s stop the madness! What we need is more personal physical awareness and awareness of those around us.

Sweaty Betti is a taking you on a trip into the land that we forgot: ourselves. All shapes and sizes are welcome. Throw on some sweats, bike shorts, spandex, or leggings. Wear something comfy. Gals, don’t worry about your hair, and leave your makeup at home. Swipe on some deodorant guys, and come along with me as we explore “Getting in and Getting out Of the Gym”.